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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!

In order to help prevent America's cities from being burned to the ground in the great TV riots of 2009 that were predicted early this year by the FCC chairman, I am calling attention to the fact that today is the last day to order your $40-off coupon for a DTV converter box if you want to get it before the Day of Doom (otherwise known as Febuary 17, 2009).

Owners of TV sets who currently receive over-the-air analog broadcasts and who have not yet requested $40 coupons from the government to be used for purchasing converter boxes may discover that those coupons will no longer be available in less than two weeks, according to the Washington Post. In fact, it's taken up to FOUR weeks for the coupons to be delivered in many cases!

Those unable to obtain the coupons will have to wait until after the February 17 analog-to-digital transition day when the government determines how many coupons have not been redeemed.

So, if you think that can afford to pay full price for a converter box and you will panic and/or get violent if you turn on the television to watch "Oprah" or "Wheel of Fortune" and all you get is static, please order your coupon immediately! If not for yourself, then for America's children.

For God's sake... think of the children and go to [url=] for your home entertainment version of government cheese!

(For the record, I ordered mine. If my tax dollars are going to pay off other people's mortgages and bad investments aod to welfare--otherwise known as the Earned Income Tax Credit--I figure I should get my government cheese, too.)

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