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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why We Draw 2

Last week, I posted a link to an article about Muslim whackjobs attacking an artist during a lecture on free speech. They were upset about the fact that he had drawnn a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed (may peas be upon him). Apparently, they have poor impulse control AND are too stupid to see the irony of their assaulting someone in an effort to curb freedom of expression through terror during a lecture on freedom of expression.

The attacks against Lars Vilks continue, as described in this article, as well as the two others that linked within it.

Arson attack on Muhammad artist’s home - The Local

"Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" is not because of hatred toward Muslims. Heck, it's not even prompted by hatred toward those Muslims who are either so backwards or so psychotic that they physically attack anyone they feel has offended their delicate and childish sensibilities. It's a day to demonstrate that those who believe in freedom of expression will not be intimidated by the likes of them. We value our freedom of expression more than they value the Prophet Mohammed (may pleats be upon him), and we will not be cowed by their pagan idolatry of his person.

May 20, 2010, is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." I hope it will be remembered as the Day of a Million Mo's. I hope everyone reading this will post a drawing.

I'll be happy to post it for you here or at Shades of Gray if you don't have a web-outlet of your own, or if you want to remain anonymous. Or you can submit your cartoon here.

Meanwhile, here's one of the many Mohammed cartoons that have been showing up on the web as we build toward May 20.

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