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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chesser to remain in jail until his trial

Zachary "Abu Talhah" Chesser, the dweeb who issued a death threat to the creators of "South Park" and who tried to use his infant son as a distraction so he could go sign up with a terrorist group in Somalia, will be kept in prison until his trial. As the judge said when ordering Chesser held: "It's all right if he wants to put his life in danger, but if he's not going to look out for his 7-month-old son, then this court is going to do so."

Read all about it: Judge orders terror suspect to remain in jail until his trial

While the judge gets the nature of this beast, I'm not sure many members of the press do. I think the headline on this other article is a demonstration of that. I also predict that the angle that Chesser offered to "help the FBI" will return later, with much amplification and the loss of the detail that he wanted the government to send him to East Africa in exchange (so he could go join terrorists and murder Americans).

VA Terror Suspect Wanted To Help FBI

Maybe it's my own biases that are coloring the way I'm reading this "profile" article I've linked to below, but I find it interesting that it both opens and closes with paragraphs that carry the idea that he's just some poor kid who was led astray by mysterious, shadowy figures (or maybe mind-control rays from Mars) because no one seems to know anything about where he got his kooky ideas from.

Terror suspect took his desire to belong to the extreme

I also find myself wondering... if all Chesser wanted was "to belong," then maybe someone needs to write an article about the problems with the Muslim student associations and mosques. On the one hand, there are quotes in the article about how excited they were that a "white guy" wanted to join up, but yet somehow they didn't make him feel welcome, or as if he was one of them.

Or maybe Chesser wasn't looking so much for a place to belong, but rather for an outlet for his psychopathy, something the peaceful American Muslim groups couldn't and wouldn't provide him with?

What Chesser found was this:

But this is what he was looking for:

And speaking of belonging... the RevolutionMuslim blog still hasn't commented on the arrest of their former star contributor. Consider that, would-be Lions of Islam: Your brothers-in-Jihad won't stand by you when the going gets tough.

1 comment:

  1. What a lame headline! Makes him sound like a hero. The writer should have headlined that article: "Radical Muslim Wrote Notes On How to Destroy the West"