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Thursday, August 19, 2010

For those in the New York City area...

The Coalition to Honor Ground Zero has announced a major protest in Lower Manhattan this Sunday, August 22 (which means there are going to be that many more people for Nancy Pelosi to order investigated for daring to oppose a monument to Muslim terrorists):

Join construction workers, firefighters, veterans, 9/11 families and first responders, human rights leaders, and residents of the Ground Zero neighborhood will unite for a major protest at the Ground Zero mosque site.

Protesters to demand that the State Department answer: why are you sending Imam Rauf as an envoy across America and the globe on the taxpayers’ dime?

WHO: The Coalition to Honor Ground Zero and:

the Blue Collar Corner;

The Bravest;

9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America;

Women United International;

Stop Shariah Now;

ACT! For America and ACT! Manhattan;

Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam;

and many other organizations and leaders to be announced, as well as local residents living in the Ground Zero area.

WHEN: Sunday, August 22nd at 11:00 a.m

WHERE: Park Place, at northeast corner of Church Street and West Broadway, Manhattan

WHY: To push back against those attempting to impose harsh Shariah Islam, stealth jihad or terror on our nation. We will not be moved!


  1. Interesting to see so many organizations involved, including a woman's group. It's horrifying what is done to woman in the name of Allah, just look at the woman on the recent cover of TIME, with her ears and nose cut off. Where's all the Revolution people and communist activists and atheists? You'd think they'd be against it too because it's religious, the opiate of the masses, right? And funny how this Imam can get away with all his radical political views; would this be a political organization rather than a religious worship center!?? You'd think people on the left would protest that!

  2. From Greg Palast writing for

    Given that white Christian supremacist Tim McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, shouldn't we ban white churches from Oklahoma?

    As New York City's indigenous Lanape Natives died at Ground Zero by the thousands when overrun by Christian colonists, shouldn't we ban Christian churches from their sacred ground?

    If a mosque near Ground Zero is bad, then why not ban all Muslims from downtown New York? For this to work, should we require all Muslims in the city to wear yellow crescents?

    My office was in the WTC towers, which will now be rebuilt with all the upscale shops I remember. So, Mrs. Palin, are you saying it's OK for Muslims to shop at Ground Zero as long as they don't pray there?

    The new tower will have the old one's Off-Track Betting windows and bars with after-work "happy hours." So here's a solution to make everyone happy: Why not camouflage the mosque as a place to gamble and get into your secretary's panties?

    How about disguising it as a discount fashion shop: Kate Mosque? Or as a Disney retail outlet: Mickey Mosque?

    Jamie Kilstein has suggested to me that we ban Burger Kings from Ground Zero in honor of the victims of heart disease. But Jamie, the BKs are memorials to remind us that in the eyes of God, all of us — no matter what religion — are just hamburger meat.

    "O. Bin Laden" signed Glenn Beck's petition to ban mosques from Ground Zero. Al Qaeda sure as hell doesn't want Muslims and Christians worshipping in amicable proximity.

  3. Very interesting to hear that there are still so many right thinking people still alive and well in America.
    Thanks for posting this.

  4. Tom: Yes, it is a political organization. That's why the hard/crazy left has no problem with it and are indeed supporting it. (Just like they have no problem with Imam "Cordoba House" junketeering around the world on tax payer money.)

    Cory: That was a great set of examples of hyperbole, but not much of an argument in favor of whatever case he was trying to make. (Which rather got lost in all his foolish examples.)

    Warrior: You're welcome.