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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating the Prophet Mo and his Mo-Rons

Yesterday, an idol-worshipping adherent to the death cult strain of Islam (a "Mo-Ron") took the generous step of removing himself from the planet Earth.

In his declaration of faith before blowing himself up, the Mo-Ron stated, "“Our actions will speak for themselves. As long as you continue to wage your war against Islam and insulting the prophet and your stupid support of the pig Vilks."

You can read more about his glorious act in Car Bomb: Christmas Jihad in Stockholm

Thank you, oh Brave Shaheed, for reminding us what the true heart of Islam looks like. Not to mention your innards. In memory of your achievement, I present a couple of cartoons, including one featuring the glorious Prophet Mohammed (may peat be upon him).

For bi-weekly images ready-made for idol-worship and/or outrage, visit Shades of Gray for Mohammed Mondays, and be sure to mark your calendars the second annual Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on May 20, 2011.

Oh, and here's one of the Lars Vilks drawing that the mighty shadeen referred to in his statement.


  1. Hello i saw your comment today mr miller.
    Today vilks made a new mohammadcartoon

  2. Thanks for stopping by and providing the link. I'm not sure that qualifies as a Mo-toon, however. Although it's certainly true that Mo-Rons will freak out over anything that has Islamic iconography in it, or anything they ASSUME to be Islamic iconography, like that Apple Store in Manhattan.

    Have they started freaking out over Vilks DARING to put a pig-featuring caricature with the remnants of pre-Islamic paganism in the background? (And I'll never be able to figure out why running in circles around a box that used to contain pagan and trampling one another is so all-fire holy.)

  3. This is something:

    The page was removed and my account disabled by facebook!

  4. its too ugly to insulting ppl by their religion. what purpose u think this all will serve else than provocation?

  5. I think it's too ugly to threaten to murder cartoonists. Not to mention barbaric and psychopathic. Get back to me when you understand the provocation anyone who cares about free speech feels regarding that. Or, better yet, when you choose to speak out against freaks who want to murder random people over CARTOONS, get back to me.