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Friday, December 24, 2010

A fun Christmas surprise/ego-boo for me...

I got a package today that I've been looking forward to for some time--a box of stuff from the kind folks at Full Moon Features. One of the included DVDs featured a nice surprise for me on the cover.

"The Haunted Casino" is a re-issue of Charles Band's 2007 film "Dead Man's Hand: Casino of the Damned" and the marketeers pulled a little quote from my review of that film over at The Charles Band Collection. I've been quoted on DVD covers before, but this is the first time anyone has described me as "author of." And even if they hadn't brought up "150 Movies You Should [Die Before You] See", I still would have been delighted. I'm such an ego maniac that never get tired of seeing my own name in print!

As for the "really cool" quote, it refers to one of the best things in any Charles Band production from the past decade or so; one of the ghosts (played by Jessica Morris) undergoes a startling transformation as she gorily dispatches one of the characters. It's a fantastic moment, and it's one that makes the film worth a cheap rental by itself.

I'll watch the re-issue eventually to see there are differences between it and the original, but "Killjoy 3" and "Oblivion" will take priority.


  1. This is awsome. Where can I get my hands on this movie?

  2. I know it can be ordered on DVD directly from Full Moon Features at, and from over the web, but it also might be available as an online rental from or Netflix, as much of the Full Moon catalog can be viewed that way. Amazon is offline, however, and I let my Netflix account lapse for a number of reasons, so I can't check either place.)

    I've never experienced being down before, though. I wonder if those skeezy hackers managed to make good on their threats in between beating off to pictures of Julian Assange?