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Friday, January 14, 2011

Who caused the Tucson shootings? Mojo Nixon!

Just listen to this horrible, horrible anti-government and anti-censorship song, "You Can't Kill Me"! He even calls for an armed insurrection! And if you couple it with the terrible imagery of American flags, it's clearly an incitement to violence.

(If you're insane.)


Oh! And then there's "Redneck Rampage"... a song that glorifies guns and bombs in the hands of retarded rednecks! And the computer game it came from is obviously one big code for hatred against immigrants!

(If you're a lunatic. Or Keith Olbermann.)


If there is any doubt whatsoever that Mojo Nixon is responsible for the horrible attack, "Destroy All Lawyers" will dispel it. Rarely has there been such a clear-cut incitement of hatred against an entire class of people.

(If you're stupid. Like Michael Moore.)


Or maybe Andrew over at Who Wants Taters??? placed the blame where it belongs in his "Commies And Fascists" post.

1 comment:

  1. That Mojo Nixon has been corrupting America's youth for far too long....
    It's time we send a letter of complaint to his record label.