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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maybe Goebbles did the world a favor

When the defeat of Hitler's Nazi regime by the Allies was a certainty, the Mustachioed One took the coward's way out and committed suicide. The same is true of his top propaganda minister Goebbles, but Goebbles did Hitler one better when he murdered all his children as well.

I always thought that Goebbles act demonstrated as clearly as possible what kind of monster he really was, but then this article comes along to make me rethink that position.

Nazi Grandma: Himmler’s Daughter Carries Her Father’s Flame To A New Generation of Nazis

Maybe Goebbles did the world a favor when he offed the foul demon children that sprang from the union of himself and the beast he was married to. His actions made certain there were fewer bitches like Gudrun Burwitz infesting Planet Earth.

Dramatic re-inactment of a typical evening for Gudrun Burwitz in 1944

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