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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tennessee Thursday: Rep. Charles Curtiss

On July 1, a law takes effect in Tennessee that makes it illegal to post anything that anyone might feel "emotional distress" over. Today, I offer another profile of the Tennessee "lawmakers" who seem to think the 1st and/or 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution doesn't apply in that "great state."

But first... a little something that might soon be illegal in the state that claims to be "America at its best."

Postings That May Be Illegal in Tennessee #2

If that video upset you emotionally, morally, or constitutionally (in the stomach-turning sense), be sure to email Rep. Charles Curtiss. Curtiss is the main architect of a law so Unconstitutional one wonders if he slept through every single Civics class in grade school, or whether bricks were dropped on his head during his pre-political career.

Tennessee "Lawmaker" Profile #2: Rep. Charles Curtiss

Representative Charles Curtiss lives with his wife and daughter on land that has been in his family since the time of his great-grandfather. Don't mistake him for landed gentry, however, as he has proudly spent the early part of his working life as a brick mason. In the early 1980s, he decided to give up honest work and entered politics. He was elected to the Tennessee Legislature in 1994 and is presently in his seventh term. He is Chairman of the House Commerce Committee, Chairman of the Joint Fiscal Review Committee and Co-chair of the Select Committee on Veteran's Affairs. He also sits on the Joint Committee on Worker's Compensation and the Joint Corrections Oversight Committee.

While one hopes the Corrections Oversight Committee could do a little correcting in Tennessee state politics that is still something the citizens of that state must do at the ballot box. They must have som pretty sorry choices in elections if the quality of the ranking representatives is anything to go by.

By the way, Curtiss is a Democrat. Someone help me out here... which political party is supposedly trying to deny Americans their Constitutional rights?

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