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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Genius of the Jihadi summed up in a paragraph

Muslim terrorist threatens David Letterman: The terrorist called on Muslims in the United States to “cut the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever,” according to a translation by SITE. The popular late-night television host is not Jewish.

There's stupid, there's ignorant, and then there's the Jihad-ing Lions of Islam.

I hope to God that David Letterman doubles-down on this and doesn't scurry away or try to make apologies. Apologies don't work with these psychos. All you can do if you're in their sights is tell them to go fuck their brothers (like they're doing anyway, when not posting to "Jihad websites" or raping little girls while fantasizing about fucking their brothers).

Molly Norris learned there's no apologizing to these child-raping, repressed homosexuals. She tried, and they still erased her. Letterman has the wealth and resources to stand up to them and keep doing his thing. I hope he has the spine to go with it.

These child-raping freaks can't be allowed to intimidate anyone into silence. Every time they try, those of us who care about freedom of speech need to strike back with more speech and cartoons and comments that will "offend" and "hurt" them.

We should all stand with Kurt Westergard, Salman Rushie, Molly Norris, David Letterman, and all the other artists and writers these pigs and monkeys have bullied and even murdered over the years.

And on that note, this development warrants a ceremonial Mo-toon.

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