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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mohammedan Idol Worshipers: Not All Bad

This is the week and weekend for blog posts and other events memorializing the mass-murder of Americans on 9/11/2001. I'll be posting a little something myself in a couple of days.

Today, though, I want to remind everyone that not all Muslims are murderous death-cultists who practice Mohammedan idolatry. Most Muslims are just like you and me, people who want to mind their own business and live their lives in peace. Likewise, most Muslims don't support the Mohammedan idol-worshipers, even if it's sometimes hard to tell with so-called Muslim advocacy groups like CAIR doing all they can to run interference for Hamas, al-Qaeda, and other fringe Islamic idol-worshiping death cults.

And I also want to point out that even the Islamic idol-worshipers have their good sides. Take Al-Qeada in London as an example:

These fellows have put on a production of "Oklahoma" that ranks among the best the world has ever seen. Their love of musicals and show-tunes is second only to their love of little boys. Or maybe the Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him). It's a toss-up.


  1. "...not all Muslims are murderous death-cultists who practice Mohammedan idolatry."

    Name one pro-American, pro-Israel, pro-capitalist, Muslim.

  2. Moustapha Akkad springs to mind as a pro-American, pro-capitalist Muslim--have no idea what his stance on Israel was. However, he was murdered by the death cultists along with his daughter at her wedding in 2005.

    But there may be some live ones here: Arabs for Isreal.

    I like to think the best of people until they prove otherwise. Since I don't know every Muslim on the planet, and since it's been proven that there are professional protesters who make a living showing the outrage of the "Muslim World" to media outlets, I have no reason to let go of my belief that most Muslims would go about their business peacefully, just like you and I would, if not for a small group of assholes and those who enable them.

  3. "Name one pro-American, pro-Israel, pro-capitalist, Muslim." -- what about all of those dudes who own convenience stores here?

    I've gotten to know a few of them over the years working as a soda distributor, and they're all fine folks.

    Good post, Steve!