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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hotel California revisited....

I've said that "Hotel California" is a great song that has never properly been captured in a music video. That still holds true, although the one you can watch below comes close.

It's just a shame it was made to support fairly weak cover by an performer who goes by the name TQ... and that it is a bit under-produced in spots. (Some shots look like they were designed for special effects to be tricked in, yet none are present.)

Still, it warrants a 5/10 rating, which is better than most you'll come across.

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  1. That's cool - there was a brief movement in the 80's to produce videos for old 60's and 70's classics that didn't have them - I remember one VHS compilation that was pretty cool - it got some interesting actors in on the deal. Good Lovin' by the Rascals featured Felix Cavalierre (sp) and the cast of St. Elsewhere clowning around. The Letter played out the story of the song with Michael Pare' as the guy in prison. Don't Worry Baby had Don Michael Paul. It's My Party had Lesley Gore. White Shade of Pale had Anna Bjorn and Harry Dean Stanton. I ripped a couple of these off to my own VHS - wish I had the whole tape now - not even sure what it was called.