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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A welcome to new visitors!

When I wrote a review of the drama "Pinprick" (which can be read immediately below this post), I didn't realize that titling it "Are Teen Girls Really Like This?" would place Cinema Steve on entirely new search engine radars. I SHOULD have realized it, though... the combination of "teenage girls," "pinprick" and "lover" all appearing right at the beginning of the post are like honey for bears when it comes to certain webizens and their search engines..

Laura Greenwood: Teen star of "Pinprick"

There are both plusses and minuses to this new potential audience that are finding my little corner of the web.

The downside: I'm deleting three or more spam comments per day for all sorts of interesting products and websites of the adult variety.

The upside: Possibly some new readers! Welcome! I think the Tectonic Tuesday series here, the Saturday Scream Queens series at Terror Titans, and the many picture series at Shades of Gray are good places for you to start. Come of the pretty pictures! Stay for the reviews and commentary!

(BTW, for those of you out there who are operating some of those interesting adult websites and/or selling interesting "toys" that have "flesh" or "pocket" as part of their trademarked brand-names, you should find yourself another internet marketing firm--assuming you yourself aren't just incompetent in using spambots. You're not getting value for your money or effort if what I'm seeing in the process of admin'ing comments to my blogs is any indication.)


  1. Where did you get that photo of me and my dog? haha just kidding.

  2. I wish I had a Spambot - I'd have it bring me some fried on wheat with provolone and mustard.