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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The worst version of 'The Little Drummer Boy' ever recorded?

I've previously mentioned that one of my most favorite Christmas songs is "The Little Drummer Boy." Here's a modern arrangement I like very much that I posted during a previous Christmas.

And then there's this version by Justin Beiber. The the fact that it's by Justin Beiber made me expect it to be horrid, but I had no way of envisioning just how horrid.

The bizarre rap section in the middle makes me wonder if he (or anyone involved with producing it) had even the vaguest clue regarding the topic of the song. And even if one were to allow for a changing of meaning--that the baby referred to in the song isn't Jesus--it is still wildly inappropriate and out of place when the rest of the song is considered.

Maybe one has to be a Belieber to appreciate its genius?

Justin Bieber... does he hate Christmas or is he just stupid?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sony halts distribution of 'The Interview'

I wish I could say this surprised me, but it doesn't. This is pretty much the outcome I expected, even before Carmike Theaters became the pack-leader among the cowardly dipshits to refuse to show "The Interview."

According to Variety, Sony Pictures has pulled "The Interview" from distribution in a direct response to the threats of violence. Not only has the film been pulled from theatrical distribution, but plans for DVD and VoD releases have also been killed.

If anyone reading this thinks that's a Good Thing, you're an idiot--or worse.

Already, there are reports of other film projects with a similar subject being cancelled, such as the Steve Carell vehicle "Pyongyang" being cancelled by New Regency. And we won't hear about the films and books that wont' be produced because of pre-emptive, fearful self-censorship.

"The Interview" was undoubtedly a bad movie. However, to see it pulled because of threats from the retarded Humpty Dumpty lookalike who rules North Korea and the turd-blossoms who service him, is something that anyone who cares about freedom of expression should be angered and outraged over.

Sure, it's "just business" when a film get's pulled from distribution. Sure. theaters can screen what they want, and Sony can or cannot release whatever they choose. But the reason for THIS particular choice is bad.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -- Ben Franklin

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hacker assholes threaten '9/11 style' attack on movie theaters

Fuck those assholes. Fuck their demands.

I never see films on opening night, because I prefer half-empy to nearly empty theaters. It was something I developed a liking for back when I wrote movie reviews for a living, and because I don't like crowds. But I will make an exception for "The Interview." This is a film that only looked mildly interesting to me when I saw the preview. It was a film I was probably going to skip--as I do most movies these days--and MAYBE get around to it in two-three years if even then.

But these fuckers who hacked Sony's computers and stole scripts, emails, and payroll information have made sure that I will see this movie in a theater, on opening night, if at all possible. I almost always feel an obligation to see a movie that this or that collection of twats has called for a boycott against... and that obligation has just been placed upon me ten-fold with this one.

Fuck those assholes. Fuck their demands.

Click there to read how the dickless "Sony Hackers" have threatened violence at movie theaters that show "The Interview."

James Franco and Seth Rogan in "The Interview"

Friday, December 5, 2014

Stickers by Stan!

A sample of the Stickers By Stan!

My friend, former co-worker/collaborator Stan! is running a Kickstarter where you can get some of his great cartoons as clipart and some really fun stickers. It's worthy of your support... especially if you have kids who are in the age range where they love stickers. (Or if the kid in your still love stickers, and you want to have a few from one of the coolest cartoonists working today.)

Click here to see all the details on the Stickers By Stan! Kickstarter. There are four days left on it, so don't wait!