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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hacker assholes threaten '9/11 style' attack on movie theaters

Fuck those assholes. Fuck their demands.

I never see films on opening night, because I prefer half-empy to nearly empty theaters. It was something I developed a liking for back when I wrote movie reviews for a living, and because I don't like crowds. But I will make an exception for "The Interview." This is a film that only looked mildly interesting to me when I saw the preview. It was a film I was probably going to skip--as I do most movies these days--and MAYBE get around to it in two-three years if even then.

But these fuckers who hacked Sony's computers and stole scripts, emails, and payroll information have made sure that I will see this movie in a theater, on opening night, if at all possible. I almost always feel an obligation to see a movie that this or that collection of twats has called for a boycott against... and that obligation has just been placed upon me ten-fold with this one.

Fuck those assholes. Fuck their demands.

Click there to read how the dickless "Sony Hackers" have threatened violence at movie theaters that show "The Interview."

James Franco and Seth Rogan in "The Interview"

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  1. The people at Sony could not have bought publicity like that for anything. And, agreed, there is a special Hell for terrorists, whether they use guns, bombs, or code.