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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The InspiroBot Zodiac... help me collect 12 great ones!

In case you haven't heard, InspiroBot is the greatest toy to ever appear on the web. It lets you generate images that resemble those inspirational posters that were all the rage a few years back, or meme-style images that range from very silly to as "deep" as any of the aforementioned posters. Click here to have fun!

A couple weeks ago, the thing started doing Zodiac signs. Like always, some are clever, some are stupid, some are nonsensical.

I want to collect them all!

But I need your help! If you are making image quotes with InspiroBot and a Zodiac pops up, can you please (pretty please?) post it to this Facebook thread in a Comment? I hope to enshrine the best InspiroBot Zodiacs, when I have a set of 12, in a blog post--probably over at the NUELOW Games blog with some appropriately goofy roleplaying game rules.


Click here to experience the wonder that is InspiroBot... and please help complete my collection!


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