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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hottest strip act ever!

I see the tragedy of the two burn victims in this story, but I'm still snickering.

Oh... and I feel for the poor stripper, too.


Fire eater set stripper's boobs alight

A fire eater has been given a suspended jail sentence for setting a stripper's boobs on fire.

Dancer Maria Leeb, 27, was tied to a pole wearing just her g-string while her fire-eating partner blew flames at her.

But the hot new act in a lap-dancing club in Augsburg, Germany, came to a painful end when her naked breasts went up in flames.

Flame thrower Marc Miszler, 22, was handed a 10 month suspended jail sentence for grievous bodily harm by the Augsburg County Court.

"I shouted at him that he was getting too close, but he didn't stop. The oil and glitter that I rubbed on my body must have caught on fire and all I could see were flames," said Ms Leeb.

She suffered burns across her breasts and was treated at a local hospital.

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