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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

In the past week or so, two bloggers have recognized different Cinema Steve blogs with the Versatile Blogger Award. Jinx at Totally Jinxed honored Terror Titans, and Brian at Cool Ass Cinema honored Movies to Die Before Seeing.

Both those blogs have the sort of broad scope (and even a that touch of randomness) that I shoot for with my blogging efforts, so I'm glad that the first awards any of my blogs have received have come from such fun writers. Thanks!

Now, in accepting these awards, I have to do certain things. They are:

-Thank the person who gave it to you
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Pass the award to 15 other blogs you've recently discovered, are engaging, and of particular interest.

With two awards, I had to come up with 30 blogs... well, I couldn't quite manage that. But here are 25 that I feel are worth your attention, and to whom I pass the award along.

20th Century Danny Boy: Daniel Best's excellent blog about classic comics and their creators.

Behind the Couch: James' blog features reviews and interviews, and it's always informative.

Dead End Drive-in: R.D. Penning reviews horror movies, with occasional detours into the sci-fi genre. My sort of stuff!

The Death Rattle: I used to think I was pretty well-versed in cinematic obscurities and atrocities. Then I discovered Aaron's blog.

Dr. Blood's Horror Video Vault: Great stuff about often-times-not-so-great-movies. Check out his "The Mill Creek Horror Watcher." I did something similar on my Rotten Tomatoes blog, and my hat's off to anyone with that sort of stamina!

Grantbridge Street & Other Misadventures: The place where Joe Bloke posts comics, art, photos, and entries on the Cunt List. Always fun.

The House that Dripped Blog: Dripped Jake pops up every couple of weeks with another fun excursion into B-movie and horror film topics.

LA-LA Land: Fame, Fortune, and Forensics: Meredith L. Grau's weekly look at Hollywood and movie stars of yester-year.

Mondo Bizarro Cinema:Tim's blog consists of a rotating line-up of themed series ranging from reviews to cover art commentary. Proof positive that even the worst movies are good for something.

Motion Picture Gems: Tom's blog centers mostly on classic cinema (from silent movies through the 1980s), but he takes the occasional detour into commentary on modern popular culture. It's always well worth a read.

Movietone News: Like Cinema Steve, Matthew Coniam's blog is the center of a web of blogs, each of which is fascinating in its own right. I'm giving the award is given equally to all six of his blogs.

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: Always informative and fun, Pappy brings old comics to a new age.

Rip Jagger's Dojo: Another fun and informative blog focusing mostly on classic comic books and their covers. Plenty of art to admire.

Sacnoth's Scriptorium: The web-home of my friend and former colleague, editor and Tolkien scholar John D. Rateliff.

Shades of Gray: Steven Thompson's blog devoted to art by the late Gray Morrow.

Skraek og Raedsel: Translated, "Fear and Terror" is Soren Jacobsen's Danish-language horror-themed blog that provides news and reviews. It's informative, and a nice way for me to at get a tiny bit of practice reading Danish.

Starlet Showcase: C. Parker's blog documents glamor and beauty. I've grabbed a photo or two from it for my own Picture Perfect Wednesday series.

Watching Hammer: A blog devoted to reviewing the source of many of my favorite films. And it does with a fun style.

Who Wants Taters?: Andrew Green's all-purpose entertainment commentary and review blog reminds me of Joe Bob Brigg's syndicated column (which I ran in an entertainment section I edited a long, LONG time ago). Lots of fun, and always good for laughs.

You Talking to Me?: Mike Lippert's blog is one of the few "serious" film criticism outlets I read on a regular basis. Good, interesting, weighty stuff on films and the craft of film criticism. Also, read one of Mike's reviews. Then read one of mine. The difference between a critic and a reviewer will be obvious.

And now the little known facts about me...

1. I decided I wanted to a writer when I was six.
2. I'm allergic to Rainier cherries.
3. I've been known to confuse Lori Petty with Lily Taylor and Liv Tyler for no particular reason.
4. Couldn't spell "restraunt" if my life depended on it.
5. My first regular, paying writing gig was as a music reviewer.
6. My favorite writers are Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury, Steve Gerber, and Sparkle Hayter
7. I could use a well-paying full-time job or freelance assignment right about how. Offers gladly received at

And that's it. I hope some of you reading this will take the time to visit some of the excellent blogs listed above. I assure you, they are better than this one!

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  1. Great stuff, Steve! There's a few sites in there I'd not heard of.