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Sunday, August 21, 2011

N is for Ninja, and that's good enough for me! (Still.)

N is for Ninja. N is for November. And while we're at it, N is also for Nine.

Last year, I declared November 1 - 9 as the Nine Days of the Ninja. Well, since November 1 - 9 only comes around once a year, I'm doing it again. I will once again be posting reviews and other Ninja-related items across my various blogs--and will even be releasing a Ninja supplement for "ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters" through NUELOW Games--in celebration of the Nine Days of the Ninja.

Since playing with myself is not as fun as it might sound when there are Ninjas involved, I am inviting the rest of the blogging world to join with me in a celebration of the world's best-known secretive assassins. Maybe we can make a real blogathon out of this!

Post something Ninja-related to your blogs during the Nine Days of the Ninja. Send the link to me at, and I will list in in a Nine Days of the Ninja index post (The Ninjex?). Anything is fair game. Reviews of movies, cartoons/anime, and comics featuring Ninja and/or posts featuring information about the creators of such stuff, or just pictures of Ninja doing their thing--flipping out and killing things--are acceptable subjects. If you have existing posts, you can send me the links ahead of time, and I will link to the best of those as well.

Click here to see the After-Action Report for last year's Nine Days of the Ninja.

If you want to take part, or just want to promote Nine Days of the Ninja, you can use this logo.

Link back to this post, because it will eventually become the "Ninjex" of the 2011 Nine Days of the Ninja. And let me know if you do want to participate. I will link to your blog and let the world know.

I will be doing reminder posts and further plugs over the next few weeks, because when the monsters of October go away, the Ninja come out to play!

Or ARE They?!


  1. Steve, this sounds like it might be fun - if I can keep daily posts going for 40 straight days, as I'm planning a 31 day Halloween celebration again this year...put me down for a tentative yes...and I'll see what I can cobble together in the meantime...

  2. Even if you can't do every day, two or three posts during that window will be enough for the "blogathon." I'm spreading my posts between here, Shades of Gray, Terror Titans, Watching the Detectives, and, almost certainly Movies You [should Die Before] You See. Every daym there will be a Ninja post somewhere on my little network, but not every blog will have something every day. (Except I guess for the index post on this blog, which will be updated daily... but that hardly counts. :) )

    I may sit out the 31 Days of Halloween this year... but I felt the same way last year until late September when the Halloween bug bit. I am keeping horror and monster movie reviews in reserve to a certain extent, in case I change my mind again and bring back "31 Nights of Halloween" again. :)

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