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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nine Days of the Ninja: After Action Report

"Nine Day of the Ninja" for 2010 has come and gone, and those mysterious masked assassins have faded back into the shadows. But you never know when they'll show up again at Watching the Detectives, or, more likely, at Movies You Should (Die Before You) See.

I will be doing this again next year. I tried to put my focus in a different place than what is usual for me, which meant staying away from the craptacular ninja movies from Hong Kong. As a result, I learned a few new things about the genre. Visitors and emailers helped broaden my horizons as well. Next year, I'll probably learn a few more Ancient Ninja Secrets, and perhaps this blogathon will even be more than just a one-man show!

But here's an overview of the Great Ninja Onslaught of 2010. Each review is listed on my usual 0-10 Star scale, with 5 and 6 representing films of average quality. A total of 15 films and 3 graphic novels were covered, with two funny YouTube music videos thrown in for good measure.

Day O: Posts Heralding the Coming of "Nine Days of the Ninja"
(Noteworthy mostly for the pictures)
N is for Ninja; that's good enough for me (August 25)
Coming Soon: Nine Days of the Ninja (September 27)
Rushing Toward "Nine Days of the Ninja" (October 29)
Starting Monday: Nine Days of the Ninja (October 29)
Be a Ninja in 30 Seconds of Less! (October 31)

Day One: Enter the Ninja!
The Nine Days of the Ninja are Upon Us!
Ninja the Protector, 1986 (Film Review: 3/10 Stars)
Street Angel, 2006 (Graphic Novel Review: 10/10 Stars)

Day Two: When Ninja Attack!
Cyber Ninja, 1988 (Film Review: 5/10 Stars)

Day Three: Where Ninja Dare!
The Ninja Rap (Music Video Spoof)
Ninjitsu, 1957 (Film Review: 5/10 Stars)

Day Four: Death of a Ninja!
Empowered, Vols 3 & 4, 2008 (Graphic Novel Review, 10/10 Stars)
Ninja Champion, 1980 (Film Review: 1/10 Stars)
Red Shadow, 2004 (Film Review: 7/10 Stars)

Day Five: The Ninja Strikes Back!
The Ninja Glare (Music Video Spoof)
The Pacifier, 2005 (Film Review: 6/10 Stars)

Day Six: Saturday Night Ninja!
The Legend of Bigfoot, 1976 (Film Review: 1/10 Stars)
Ninja Hunt, 1964 (Film Review: 8/10 Stars)

Day Seven: The Passion of the Ninja!
The Machine Girl, 2007 (Film Review: 7/10 Stars)

Day Eight: The Ninja in Winter
Seventeen Ninja, 1962 (Film Review: 7/10 Stars)

Day Nine: The Ninja's Last Stand!
The Complete Street Fighter: Street Fighter, Return of the Street Fighter, and The Street Fighter's Last Revenge, 1974-1979 (Film Reviews: 8/10, 6/10, 5/10)
Golden Ninja Invasion, 1987 (Film Review 3/10 Stars)
Ninja Wars, 1982 (Film Review: 7/10 Stars)

And here are some Ninja Statistics to consider as we wait for the 2011 Nine Days of the Ninja:

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