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Friday, October 29, 2010

Starting Monday: Nine Days of the Ninja!

Once Halloween is behind us, comes November, and the celebration of men and women who wear masks better than anyone in all of history: Ninja!

November 1 - 9 brings Nine Days of the Ninja, a blogathon that will span cross through several of my blogs and possibly even beyond!

If you want to take part in Nine Days of the Ninja--if you want to help draw back the curtain on these deadly and secretive assassins--assassins who may have killed David Carradine and who may have Randy Quaid in their deadly sights even as you read these words--all you have to do is post something Ninja-related on November 1 - 9 and then send me the link. I will make sure to post it here at Cinema Steve.

But if you fear the Ninja and choose not to take part, I can understand. But I hope you will come here to read and learn about Ancient Ninja Secrets (or at least check out the reviews I'm going to be posting).


  1. Cool. I might be doing a post on The Octagon.

  2. I hope you get around to it. "The Octagon" is not only full of Ninja action, but it's got Chuck Norris!