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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

N is for Ninja; that's good enough for me

N is for Ninja. N is for November. And while we're at it, N is also for Nine.

Therefore, I am declaring Nine Days of the Ninja on November 1 - 9. I'll have a little blogathon across the various Cinema Steve blogs during those days, and I would like to invite anyone out there to join in. Maybe it can be a real blogathon, instead of just me playing by myself in my own little sandbox.

You can send me links to old reviews of movies, cartoons/anime, and comics featuring Ninja and/or posts featuring information about the creators of such stuff, and I'll index them as I did with my Expendables Week mini-blogathon. Of course, I'd love for someone to post new material that I can link to during the Nine Days of the Ninja, November 1 - 9.

Please email me at if you're interested. Logos will be posted soon, and I'll be doing reminder posts/emails as the time draws near.

Or ARE They?!

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