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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Nine Days of the Ninja are Upon Us!

For the next nine days, Ninjas will be popping up all over my blogs--and perhaps elsewhere if someone has decided to take part in the Blogathon, and I hope that you'll email me your links to be posted here f you do--but they have been lurking in the shadows all along...

This post provides a listing of previous Ninja incursions at Cinema Steve. I will update post additional indexes as I think they are necessary, probably every two or three days if I don't get any outside links.

At any rate, I, and the Ninja, thank you for your attention! (They may try to pretend they're all secretive and mysterious, but Ninja are attention whores when it comes right down to it. That's why they dress in black masks and black footie pajamas everywhere they go.)

Reviews of the Ninja! (Movie and Graphic Novel Reviews)

Picture Perfect Ninja!

Only Ninja with valid Union Cards can take part in Nine Days of the Ninja
(Cinema Steve is proudly NAG [Ninja & Assassins Guild] compliant. )

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