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Friday, November 18, 2005

No such thing as a criminal mastermind?

You're a con man. You make your living bilking people and moving on. What aside from abject idiocy would make you go on a nationally televised game show?


Conman caught - on reality TV

A Russian fraudster has been jailed after one of his victims spotted him on a reality TV show.

Alexei Adeev, 26, was jailed for four and a half years after a woman he had cheated out of £1,100 in a property scam spotted him on the Russian reality show House-2: Build Your Love.

The woman, not named for privacy reasons, said Adeev, who in the past served a jail sentence for car theft and bribing an official, had fled with the money after she gave it to him as a deposit for a house in Smolensk.

Adeev's jail sentence comes just months after Russian MPs called for the reality show to be banned and its hosts put on trial for organised prostitution and pimping.

They said the show, which aims to pair off contestants by the end of the series, was doing serious damage to the morals of Russia's youth.

They said the show's rules encouraged participants to have sex live on air and pointed out that one of the show's participants, Yelena Berkova, had a past career as a porn star.

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