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Monday, August 25, 2008

Gary Glitter soon to receive just rewards?

London, Aug 25: Pop paedophile Gary Glitter, 64, fears that his ill health will not make him last for more than six months.

Glitter has been in hiding ever since he returned to the UK last week, after three years of imprisonment in Vietnam for molesting two girls aged just ten and 11.

The rock and pop singer is now believed to be suffering from tuberculosis and severe heart problems, which is causing him to live in the fear that he will be dead within months.

News of him not being in the best of health was revealed by a medical source, who spoke to him in Vietnam while behind bars.

“Gary Glitter is not a well man at all,” the Daily Star quoted the source as saying.

“His health has suffered during the three years he has been in prison here.

“He needs urgent medical attention otherwise he may barely last the next six months. He thinks he has a maximum of six months to live.

“From what we have heard from people in Britain they will think that is a good thing,” the source added.

Glitter arrived in Britain on August 22, and has been ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register. (ANI)

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