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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar and Me

I think I've only seen two of the films nominated in any of the main Academy Awards categories this year, and only three even held any interest for me. ("Frost/Nixon" is a movie I intend to see, and now that it has opened in a theater near where I live, I may have a chance.)

Usually I am indifferent toward the Oscars. It's been over ten years since I actually watched them, and it's been at least three years since I gave the list of winners even a casual glance. They haven't interested me much in a long time, and I don't understand all the handwringing I've been observing about the lack of "Oscar Bump" for films this year. Is there similar handwringing with the Hugo Awards?

I will be very, very glad when this year's Oscars have come and gone. Maybe, just maybe, EVERYONE WILL SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT HEATH LEDGER!

Or maybe they'll start an application with the Vatican to have him declared a saint. Given some of the worsphipful statements I've seen over the past year about him, I'm sure there's someone out there who will claim that Heath Ledger cured his blindness when he asked him for the time in the subway, or that he cured her cleft palette when she handed him his burger and fries at a fast-food joint.

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