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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Day of a Million Mohammeds!

It's May 20th, the fictitious "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" that became a reality. Here's my contribution to a demonstration of how sick and tired we decent citizens of America (and the rest of the civilized world, actually) are of thin-skinned Muslims threatening violence and committing mayhem and murder whenever they feel offended.

I hope this day marks the point where Americans stop cowering and/or genuflecting in the face of deranged idolaters of the Prophet Mohammed and start firmly defending the freedoms of expression that are among our inalienable rights. That we have freedom of expression is one of those things that all Americans should hold to be self-evident.

I hope this day marks the end of the encroachment of Islamic fundamentalism threatening our freedom of speech, an encroachment that's been doing on since 1989 and the death threats against Salman Rushdie. (One might even say they've been doing it since 1977 and the murders that a Islamic radical group committed in Washington D.C. over the screening of "Mohammed, Messenger of God." But that lunatic fringe group wasn't backed by governments the way some of the crazies are now.)

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