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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Man-baby is back....

For the past few years, an emotionally stunted man-child by the name of Mbutu Mondondo Bienvenu has been in the news on and off, with his moronic lawsuit over racism in "Tintin in the Congo."

He's in the news again. With an expanded lawsuit.

With his criminal trail against the foundation that manages the creations of Belgian writer/artist Herge--they're a bunch of evil racists according to the deranged Bienvenu--going nowhere, he rounded up some race hustlers and ambulance chasers to bring a civil suit against the foundation AND European combic book mega-publisher Casterman, seeking to get the book yanked from stores.

Casterman has, in a polite fashion, told Man-baby and his attorneys were to stick their copies of "Tintin in the Congo," and so far seem like they're going to fight this bit of idiocy. Here's hoping they win (even if "Tintin in the Congo" is a one of the worst books in the series, with only "Tinin in the Land of Soviets" being worse.)

Click here to read more about this case. And look below for a picture of the Man-baby himself, posing with the eeeevilest of tomes!

(I wonder of Casterman and the Moulinsart foundation could sue Manbaby for misappropriating their trademarked and copyrighted materials? THAT would be hilarious!)

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  1. This sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch.