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Monday, July 12, 2010

'Draw Muhammad' artist placed on hit list

Remember "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"? The world-wide event intended to stand up to psychotic Muslims who want to murder over cartoons? Well, Molly Norris, the lady whose rather harmless joke set the event in motion--and who then disavowed it and has done everything humanly possible to apologize to Muslims for even JOKING about drawing their false idol--is now under a death threat from Muslim terrorists. Read about the latest from the Relgion of Peace:

Comic Riffs - 'Draw Muhammad' artist placed on execution hit list

If there's anything that this Molly Norris news proves, it's that there is NEVER any reason to apologize to these psychos. The best course of action--the ONLY course of action--is to double-down and tell them to go fuck themselves.

And on that note....

For more cartoons featuring Mohammed, visit the Everyone Draw Mohammed blog. (BTW, don't go to what used to be Molly Norris' website. It has been replaced with a page that will try to download a virus to your computer.)


  1. When's the next Draw Muhammed Day?

  2. Got it. Too bad it's not sooner. And more often.

  3. Actually, if you have a cartoon to submit, I'll be happy to take and archive it until the next time some Muslim Maniac decides to stir up a Cartoon Controversy. I said a while back that whenever they do, I'll be putting up some Motoons, just because I can.

    (I probably don't have to say this to you, but I have a low tolerance for dumb drawings, like Mohammed portrayed as a literal turd, or a big, or a dog. But most other drawings I'd probably post.)

  4. What about Mohammed in a pig costume?

    Would that get censored?

  5. Well, that would depend on the caption and/or joke involved. And how would we KNOW it's Mohammed in the pig costume? After all, it was Santa in the bear suit on "South Park." :)

    And I wouldn't censor the cartoon... I just might not post it. And even if I decide not to put something up, I think they're still posting all comers at "Everyone Draw Mohammed."

  6. I was thinking of a multi-panel cartoon that shows the origins of Mohammed's aversion to pigs. He would put on a costume of a pig, and then a male pig mistakes him for a female pig and starts to mate with him, eventually sodomizing him. Perhaps that's too offensive. I might get killed for that.

  7. That's never something to wish for. On the other hand, if you get killed, you won't have to pay rent or car insurance ever again!

    And you don't have to draw Mohammad being sodomized by a pig to offend the Mohammed cultists that make up the membership of Al-Qaeda. All you have to do is this:

    @:)> <--- Muhammad.

    They so worship Mohammed that even a mo-ticon will set them off. That's how sick and crazy the Mohammed cultists who issued death threats against Molly Norris and others who dare draw the image of their false god are.

    (Oh... and please mentally copy and paste "may peas be upon him" behind every mention of Mohammed in this post. I'm forgetting to show the Mo-Man proper respect.)