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Saturday, July 3, 2010

John Nolte has fun with Oliver Stone's films

As part of the film critic slamathon that has followed the release of Oliver Stone's latest cinematic turd, "South of the Border", John Nolte has written one of the funniest career surveys of any director I've ever read.

Big Hollywood: ‘South of the Border’ Confirms Oliver Stone Is a Right-Wing Plant

Of course, it might not be funny unless you despise most of Stone's body of work like I do. He should have stuck to writing scripts for cheesy fantasy films and even cheesier horror movies.


  1. That was hilarious....
    I, too, have always felt Stone is grossly overrated.

  2. And it seems like he's getting worse. Between "South of the Border" and his promise to show us how Hitler, Mao, and Stalin really weren't such bad guys in his upcoming Showtime series--it sounds like Stone's decided to ape the Michael Moore school of mockumentary film making.

  3. Cute. Reminds me of a brief bit in National Review in November 1994 (after the Democrats lost the House for the first time in 40 years) that purported to be a secret memo to a Republican plant . . . Hillary Clinton. :-)