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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Muslim I can respect

Ever since the Danish Cartoon Riots in 2005, I've been looking for just one Muslim who would state what idiocy it is to get bent out of shape over cartoons, not to mention how vile it is to try to force your beliefs on others through violence and threats of violence, without making excuses for those engaging in the violence and heaping condemnation upon them.

Until now, I've had no luck. Even if condemnation of the violence was offered, it was always followed by some version of "but they're justified and those those dirty-minded creatives who don't tremble at the feet of our God, Mohammed, deserve whatever comes to them."

I always suspected there was a decent Muslim thinker out there, but my Google-Fu is weak, so I never did find them.

Well, today, while trying to research something completely unrelated to Islam, Muslims, or cartoons, I stumbled upon that One Righteous Thinker! She posts to YouTube, and here are the relevant clips.

First, she put up this video addressing artists taking part in "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" on May 21.

She followed up with this video on May 22 that was addressed to Muslims who decide to act out whenever they see a cartoon they think is of Mohammed.

She concludes with this video (also from May 22).

As rational and intelligent as this young lady seems--and she is someone I can respect, even if I happily accept that she will never have any respect for me--she probably doesn't realize that I and many like me hold freedom of expression every bit as sacred as she holds Mohammed.

Muslims (Christians, Jews, Neo-Pagans, whatever) are welcome to worship whoever and whatever they want. They are are welcome to worship however and whatever they want, so long as they don't try to violently force those beliefs on others.


  1. But, but, but....
    Islam is a religion of PEACE.

    I know that because some guy with an English accent said so on some talk show I was watching.

  2. Sure it is. So long as you shut up and don't do something the Mad Mullahs, Insane Imams, and Cracked Clerics disagree with. Or don't cry out should they decide to sodomize you.

    Then again, once their followers have killed you, things ARE pretty peaceful. The dead tend to be quite still.

  3. She is very intelligent but is she saying she would not want to have coffee with you, Steve? That's odd, because it seems like you would be more than open to talking with her.

    Drawing any kind of picture of Mohammed violates all that is sacred to her, which shows her strong devotion to her convictions.

  4. You're right, she wouldn't want to have coffee with me. I wouldn't mind at all sitting down and having a conversation. The people I hate are the ones who aren't interested in talking.

    However, I've no problem with her putting me in the same box as the psychos. I'd rather offend her than let idiots who issue death threats over cartoons think they are being taken seriously by anyone other than greasy politicians.