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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mushroom Hunter Massacre!

I see a horror movie in our future, be it a slasher film or a cheesy monster movie!

Mushroom hunter massacre claims 18 lives in Italy

(Although it may already have been made.)


  1. Just reading the news article, I had ideas for four very different mushroom massacre pictures. One was a straight-up sci-fi/alien invasion film, one was a mad science/nature gone wild film, the third was a "Bay of Blood"-style slasher flick, and the fourth was a black comedy about mushroom hunters and morons with intense rivalries.

    Someone gimme $20K in seed money, and I'll git 'er done!

  2. Actually, $2K and two weeks, and I'll write you a "Mushroom Massacre Script" based on any one of the four possibilities above. :)