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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Does it take one to know one?

I've watched this clip twice. Oliver Stone, noted anti-Semite and admirer of murderous dictators like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, states that conservative commentator Sarah Palin is a moron. He then seems to goes onto claim that those who supported equal rights for women--including the right to vote--in the 1920s were somehow also morons. 

Is that really what he said? I can't tease any other meaning out of his statement, but I also can't believe my ears. Watch and let me know what you think. (Especially you liberals out there, who are fond of telling the world how smart you are. Perhaps even in the Reply section. What exactly was Stone trying to say with his blather? Because from where I sit, he sounded like a moron.)

Maybe when Oliver Stone is done showing us all how Hitler was just a scape-goat for corrupt American/Jewish insterests, he will make a documentary series about how the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was a bad thing. I'm sure his pal Ahmadinejad would agree with him.

(By the way, I don't necessarily disagree with Stone on Sarah Palin. But this does seem to be a case of the kettle calling the pot black.)


  1. My favourite bit is 55 seconds in; Stone is constantly trying to deflect the idea that there is anything unusual about Palin's success, and he's just come up with the perfectly reasonable analogy that Ku Klux Klan marched in Washington in the thirties; the presenter comes back with: ah, but isn't it at least unusual that she's a woman?... and Stone, still not impressed, says: "All kinds of crazy stuff happens"!
    A prize idiot.

  2. I'm a fan of Sarah Palin....
    Her opponents are just threatened by the idea of a Republican, non-city dweller gaining power. I saw her speak once, and she was charming.

  3. Matthew: Yep.

    Andrew: Palin rather lost me when she couldn't even be bothered to serve out her term as governor of Alaska. But I do agree with your assessment. And I find it fascinating that CNN is so interested in going after her. Apparently, Stone wasn't the only person to call her names without anything in particular to back it up.... Aaron Sorkin did it the night before, on the very same chat show.

  4. The woman's good with simple slogans previously written down for her. Thinking of her demonstrated inability to originate or articulate a single coherent thought as "charming" seems sexist.

    And I am very smart, as liberals tend to be, simply because the more education you acquire the more liberal in outlook you become. Google it.

    As a smart liberal, I take no responsibility for Oliver Stone, whose personal difficulty is not being liberal, but being an egomaniac showman.

    Speaking of egomaniac showman, as I refuse any responsibility for Stone's nonsense, I won't hold you accountable for conservative egomaniac showmen like, oh


  5. Cory: Sarah Palin is "good with simple slogans previously written down for her"?

    That means she's just about as smart as Barack Obama then? Seems like she's PERFECT presidential material! (It's unlikely she'd get my vote, but then neither did Obama.)