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Monday, November 8, 2010

John Nolte: Where's Hollywood's Love for BHO?

Columnist and movie critic Jim Nolte has written an amusing commentary about how the celebretards are turning their backs on The One.

"Poor Barack, in Hollywood today he doesn’t even rate above a child rapist."

Click on the link to read his column. Is he right?

Personally, I think he may be counting the Hollywood Obammunists out a little too soon. I'm anticipating a rising level of nonsense and continued Obama idolatry from them, with the floodgates of stupidity and hysteria to be destroyed around June 2012. The cries of "vote for Obama, you stupid-heads or I'm gonna leave your stupid country because you're all stupid stupid stupid-heads" (like Alec Baldwin and Johnny Depp did when Bush was running for re-election) and threats to commit suicide if Obama isn't elected (like Tina Fey did, during the 2008 election) will get so bad that it'll make Randy Quaid's claims of being hunted by the Hollywood Star Whackers seem well-balanced and sane.

Because while, as Notle says, Hollywood celebretards can't stand the appearance of failure, most of them also do whatever they're told. And the Democrat party is going to continue to tell them to support Obama.

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  1. I don't know; I can't see how anyone more far left than Obama could get elected to the office of President.