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Thursday, September 15, 2011

By order of Our Dear Leader....

... all good citizens are to monitor websites and their neighbors and co-workers for opinions and thoughts that don't meet the standards approved by Him and His Thought Police. It is your Patriotic Duty to help silence those who would speak ill of Our Dear Leader.

Click here to report any Thought Crimes you encounter.

(I'll give give the Obamatons and their Dear Leader this much: At least they're finally being up front with their desire for a totalitarian state, right down to the stark black-and-white design of their Informer Website. I hope minions of The One have the decency to Friend Me on Facebook or become a Follower of this blog should they decide I am an Enemy worthy of monitoring. Once they discover that all the NUELOW Games releases contain secret Anti-Obama Double-Coded Dog Whistle Messages, I've no doubt they'll be checking up on me every day.)

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