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Friday, June 1, 2012

Lady Gaga and the Indonesian Monsters

I am not a big Lady Gaga fan. To my ears, she DOES sound like the 1980/90s Warmed Over with the sexuality cranked up and a heavy smattering of nightmarish weirdness thrown in, at least as far as the videos go.

There are certainly far worse acts currently recording on major labels these days... and there are certainly very few who are starring in videos as interesting as those being produced to support Gaga's releases, but Old Fogie that I am, I still lean toward Madonna, Ace of Base, and Eurythmics in my tastes. I will grant, though, that Lady Gaga does have a sound that's larger and more epic than any of those acts she reminds me of.

However, I reflexively support any artist who is shut down by bigoted religious zealots and indifferent law enforcement establishments who allow them to get away with their campaigns of intimidation, violence and murder. So, therefore, this week, I am a supporter and fan of Lady Gaga, because her Indonisia concert, which was to have taken place this Sunday, June 3 in Jakarta, was cancelled because Muslim Maniacs threatened murder and mayhem. (Click here for details.)

Over 50,000 tickets were sold in advance for the concert. And all it took were a few assholes intent on forcing what passes for their values on others to cancel it.

Here's her special message to the "Little Monsters" in Indonisia, and to the government forces that claim to be secular yet who allow barbarians straight out of the 13th century to dictate what concerts they can and cannot go to. (This was the opening bit from one of Lady Gaga's three Singapore concert.)

Here's the video for "Bad Romance." The wife of a friend (who is a big Lady Gaga fan) showed it to me about a year ago now. It's an amazing bit of film.

And here's a funny Lady Gaga spoof that shows that I must not be the only one who is mildly baffled when watching her:

Finally, you can compare Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" to the spoof song.


  1. didn't they have a problem with Kylie, too, a little while back? or was it Beyonce? maybe both. fuck 'em. fucking idiots.

  2. If memory serves, it was Beyonce, but I don't recall to be honest. But your estimation of them is spot-on.