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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Man-baby's quest to ban Tintin comic book fails

Score one for the good guys.

The dumb lawsuit filed by a hypersensitive, dimwitted cry-baby over "Tintin in the Congo" has reached the end of the road. At least for now. With a sane conclusion. This happened a few months ago, but I just found out, and since I posted on the earlier stages of this story, I figured I'd bring you all the conclusion.

On February 10, 2012, the Brussels Court of First Instance rejected the suit that demanded that "Tintin in the Congo" should be banned and its publisher sactioned in its entirety, and politely told the complainant, Bienuvenu Mbutu Mondondo, to grow up and fuck off. Unfortunately, the court dismissed a counterclaim by the publishers of Tintin that the Man-baby should pay them for wasted time and cout-costs.

The mind and maturity level of  Bienuvenu Mbutu Mondondo.
(Artist Representation.)
An op-ed piece was published in "the Guardian" last month that I hope someone forwards to any and all would-be censors and overwrought hysterical P.C. fanatics before they start trying to use the courts to force their diseased viewpoints on those around them. Click on the link to read it:

Effort to ban Tintin comic book fails in Belgium by Jogchum Vrielink

By the way, i'm aware that the Man-baby has appealed the ruling... and, as far as I know, his even more laughable criminal charge against the publishers and distributors of "Tintin in the Congo" is still pending in court.

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