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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Television Set Upgrade!

A friend of mine got a new TV, so she gave me her old one... which was far newer than the 25+ year-old Montgomery Ward-branded set (with "electronic remote!") that I have been watching things on. It was a great gift, and I'm grateful.

My new television set... it's like a drive-in movie in my own living room!

It's one of those new-fangled widescreen jobbies with crystal clear, razor-sharp HD picture, and great stereo speakers built right in... and now I'm finding myself more grossed out by some of the gory horror flicks I watch for review purposes than I ever have been before. And I thought watching CSI in HD was a Bad Idea....

I suppose I should be extra grateful, because it's kinda-sorta doubling as a diet aid, given that I know have to assume that there is not going to be any eating while watching films from distributors like Chemical Burn or Maxim Media. :)

In honor of the new television, I offer you the Weird Al song I thought of when I first fired it up some weeks ago. It's not quite the set from the song, but it continues to blow me away. And my fear that my vast collection of PD cheapjack DVD digital tranfers would be unwatchable has turned out to be unfounded. Even they look better on the new screen!

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