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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Coca-Cola Blak = Coca-Cola Yuk!

Coca-Cola Blak, a Carbonated Fusion Beverage (Junk Food Review)
Rating: One of Ten Stars

I love Coke (and Cherry Coke, and Black Cherry Coke and Vanila Coke and Lime Diet Coke... and so on). I love coffee. I think they are two great tastes. However, they are not two great tastes that go together.

At the grocery store today, they were selling something called "Coca-Cola Blak" for 75% normal price. The bottle says that it's a "Carbonated Fusion Beverage." What this means is that its Coke mixed with coffee, and it's pretty damn disgusting.

I've tried it at room temp. I've tried it out of the fridge, and I've tried it over ice (where most Coke beverages are at their best). In all cases, "Coca-Cola Blak" is a clear illustration of why you should never pour Coke in your coffee.

I pour milk in my Coke. I pour just about any fruit juice you care to mention in my Coke. Similarly, I drink all sorts of fru-fru coffees, I always take lots of cream and sugar, and I've even experimented with fruit juice in coffee (with little success, I might add). So, I like weird stuff. But this "Blak" drink is something I will not be trying again. It's a sour-tasting liquid that leaves a bad taste in your mouth after it goes down.

Reportedly, this concoction tested well with consumers in France before it was inflicted upon the US market. I think we can add Coca-Cola Blak to the list of reasons we should be tankful we're not French.

If you can get one of those little 4-packs for ca. US$1.50 like I did, you can try it for yourself. I recommend you take my word on Coca-Cola Blak not being fit for human consumption.

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