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Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Tropic Thunder' still stops US box office

Ben Stiller's filmmaking spoof "Tropic Thunder" was the top box office earner in the US, taking in $11.5 million during its third week of release. The film has so far made $91.3 million dollars worldwide, which means it has earned back it's shooting budget.

There's still some $60 million left that it needs to earn before it's profitable--marketing, print manufacturing and other post-production costs--but it's looking like I may have to eat my words as far as declaring the film a financial failure.

And I'm taking great delight in that fact. It shows that Americans aren't the sheeple that media hungry "advocates" for the retarded thought they were. They called for boycotts against this movie based on lies about its content, but Americans didn't listen and they gave this funny movie the support and viewership it deserves.

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