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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April is Muslim Maniac Month?

I don't intend to turn this blog into the Muslim Fruits & Nuts of the Day, but it seems like there's been more Islamic Idiocy in the news these past few days than there has been in a while.

And I remain steadfast in my position there can't be enough mockery heaped on these idiots when they start to carry on.

The latest comes from another dimwit of the al-Amrikee variety, who is posting veiled threats (well, not so veiled really... if the threats were a burka, the woman wearing it in downtown Mecca would have been stoned to death) against Trey Parker and Matt Stone for a "South Park" episode that depicted the Prophet Muhammad (peas be upon him) in a bear suit. Here's a sample of the offensive scene:

You can read all about it in an article on Fox News titled "South Park' Creators Could Face Retribution for Depicting Muhammad, Website Warns". It's even got quotes from the Lion of Islam who got his panties all in a bunch over a cartoon show.

And, as is my habit when the Muslim Maniacs start threatening to kill people over free expression and cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peat be upon him), here are some more cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (pleats be upon him).

Click on the images for larger versions. Or, better yet, click here to see the full episode that has set off the latest Toonphobia incident in a Muslim Maniac.
(It's Part One of Two, and it's a round-up of a decade or so worth of South Park jokes, even featuring the return of Tom Cruise, Mecha-Streisand, and the mystery of Cartman's father!)


  1. This reminds me of Bill Maher and his so-called documentary film "Religulous". He spends 90% of the film attacking Christianity and snickering and laughing at the Christians he speaks with. There's about 10 minutes devoted to Judaism and just a few minutes about Islam. He doesn't explore any of these issues about the mullahs and imams who threaten with death and issue fatwas. Nor does he show clips of them, audio speeches, cartoons, etc.

  2. I think what's going on now with the entertainment companies is exactly what was going in the 1930s and early 1940s. They didn't want to offend the violent psychopaths out of fear for their bottom line and their holdings/health.

    Islam has become the fascism/Nazi movement of this century. I hope it isn't too much longer before people start realizing the threat to their lives and freedoms.

    (And thanks for warning me off "Regilious." I can't stand Bill Mahr on most days, but I had been thinking about giving his documentary a look.)