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Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Prophet Muhammad' now a dirty word

They can say "ass" on television these days, but they can't say "Prophet Muhammad" (peas be upon him). Last night, on "South Park," every utterance of "Prophet Muhammad" (piss be upon him) was bleeped out, just like the words "fuck" and "shit."

Click here for the latest example of disgusting cowardice by the American media in the face of maniac terrorists.

As of this writing, the show still isn't up on the South Park website for those who might want to watch a comprensible version of the show, just to see exactly how stupid the Lions of Islam are.

Once again, the American media cowers in the face of psychotic Muslims, even the retarded ones who issue death threats over a cartoon show IN WHICH THEIR IMAGINARY FRIEND MUHAMMAD DIDN'T EVEN APPEAR! (He wasn't even in the damn bear costume in Part One of the episode, as was revealed last night.)

While I agree that "the Prophet Muhammad" in the same category as "fuck" and "shit" and "piss"--words that should never be uttered in civilized company--I hate the fact that yet another bunch of Muslim mental cases are getting their way. Will SOMEONE in the media with a real platform PLEASE tell these Islamic assholes to go fuck themselves?!


  1. It'll be interesting to see how Trey and Matt react to this....

  2. Let's see another movie with the edited parts put back in.

  3. Would be nice, but apparently Parker and Stone are having trouble even getting the episode up on, if I'm reading the post they've made today.

    Comedy Central is run by disgusting hypocrites and cowards. It's okay to be crude and rude about Christians of all stripes and colors, Hindus, Shintos (? is that even a word ?), Scientologists, neo-pagans of all stripes and colors... any religion you care to mention. But when it comes to the murderous fascists that idolize Mohammad and his god Allah, the censors come out in force.

  4. And that should have read "". Back to typing class with me!