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Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Roman Polanski rape victim?

A week after Roman Polanski released a self-serving press-release where he whines about being under house arrest at a Swiss chalet and blames everyone but the fact that he's a convicted rapist who fled sentencing for his "troubles," a second victim may have stepped forward.

Click here to read the AP article about her press conference and claims.

(Let me predict what Polanksi's defenders and apologists are going to say: "Why is she coming forward, now? After all these years? What kind of scam is she trying to pull?! To which I would have to ask: "Do you wonder the same about men and women who come forward to claim rape by pedophile priests decades after the fact?" Or do you reserve your doubts only for those who are raped by Artists?")


  1. Let me say this: I understand why someone might question why this lady took so long to come forward. I understand why someone might wonder why she's doing it now instead of two-three weeks ago. In fact, I've already heard from two very level-headed, intelligent people whom I respect who have expressed those very doubts. Me, I am prone to NOT give Polanski the benefit of any doubt whatsoever. He's a rapist of children. And thre's no more to be said At least not until he's paid for that crime with whatever sentence is handed down by a US court.

  2. What if Polanski had been a CRAPPY filmmaker?
    You know -- an Ed Wood, Uwe Boll-style hack.

    I wonder if anyone would be defending him then.

    Answering that question ought to clear this whole thing up for anybody.