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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed Day Links

That is a real picture, from what the organizers described as a "successfully peaceful demonstration" against Everybody Draw Mohammed Day in Pakistan (Lahore, I think) on May 17. Even when being peaceful, it seems there are some Muslims who just can't help themselves when it comes to the death threats.

And while Facebook (being a corporate entity) is probably not willing to die in defense of freedom of expression, I like to think that I am. But I also hope I'll never be called upon to fully sjow the courage of my convictions!

Here are some links to art galleries and articles focused on Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. (If you know of one I should list here, email it to me at I will also happily post a cartoon you've drawn, if you don't feel like posting it yourself.)

All of the links open in a new window.

Everyone Draw Mohammed (New Cartoons throughout the Day!)

Cartoons to Die For (Looking at the Left)

Everybody Draw Muhammed Day! (Shades of Gray)

Drawings of Mohammed, in Defense of Human Life (The Objective Standard)

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day in Opposition to Violent Intimidation (Jihad Watch)

The Facebook Galleries

A Draw Mohammed Day Compilation (The Friendly Atheist)

Contest Winners! (Blazing Cat Fur)

Inky Al-Jihadi (Mark Fiore)

The Mohammed Image Archive (The Zombie Times)

Dhimmitude and Draw Mohammed Day (Michelle Malkin)


  1. Love the Blazing Cat Fur theme song!

  2. Pretty cool, yeah. :)

    I just read that hackers are going after the major archives and sites of "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Like all monsters, the terrorists keep fighting even after they've lost.