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Monday, June 21, 2010

Steve Miller issues demands to American-born
Al-Qaeda spokesperson Adam Gadahn

My demands are presented below, but first are highlights of the latest video from the world's most famous zoophile, Adam Gadahn. It plays after a short ad.

Steve Miller's Demand to Adam Gahdan

Make a video where you shoot yourself in the head. Have your body returned to the United States of America and buried on or near the sheep farm where you committed your first rape. I promise to organize yearly trips for 72 Americans to come and piss on your grave after binging on pork-rinds and beer.

At-a-glance biography of Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn was raised on a sheep farm in California where he waged jihad on the virginity of ewes. He later moved to the Pakistan/Afgahnistan border where he could pursue his Muslim faith, sexual practices, and murderous psychotic impulses unfettered and with like-minded individuals as a member of the world's largest association of proud pedophiles, rapists, and zoophiles, Al-Qaeda.


  1. You're not being very sensitive to his FEELINGS, now are you?

  2. he'll probably be the subject of Sean Penn's next film.