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Saturday, June 12, 2010

War! What Is It Good For?
(At least two poorly done Italian sci-fi flicks....)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week, I'm presenting three movies that not only demonstrate how to stretch your pathetically low budgets even further, but that also are guarenteed to allow viewers a chance to experience the supernatural phenomena known as Deja Vu. In case you were raised by wolves (or educated in the Chicago Public School System), Deja Vu is a strange sensation that you know you've been somewhere or seen something that you are equally certain you've never seen before.

(In the case of these movies, you will have seen it before, as they feature the same actors on the same sets, but performing in three different films.)

Please join me! Two of the reviews are identified on that nifty DVD cover image above. Can you name the third? First person to correctly name the third film in a reply to this post, before I actually put up the review, will win a DVD from my huge stack of movies.


  1. Hmm...Google searching suggests "War in Space" as the third.

  2. Good answer, but is it the right one? If anyone else wants to give it a shot, step up! If think Mr. Martin is incorrect, give an answer of your own!

  3. Actually, I think you gave the game away in your "War of the Robots" review by referring to "Star Odyssey" and then describing "War of the Planets" as the other film in the 'Recycling Trilogy.'