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Friday, July 23, 2010

Terrorist wanna-be appears in court

Zachary Chesser, who prefers to be called Abu Talhah (or simply "daddy") when forcing sex on his ugly wife, is the creator of the group behind this blog. He is also under arrest, and he had a court appearance today relating to charges that he provided material support to Islamic terrorists.

Chesser requested that an attorney be appointed to him, and his detention hearing was continued until this coming Monday.

Federal public defender Michael Nachmanoff was appointed to represent Chesser, along with Brian Mizer, a former Navy officer who represented Osama bin Laden's one-time driver Salim Hamdan in a military trial at Guantanamo Bay in 2008.

It says a lot about Americans that we don't just shoot scum like this, but we actually will support legal counsel for them through out tax dollars. Chesser, after all, proudly posted videos of himself and his fellow terrorist wanna-bes advocating the violent overthrow of the United States government and the murder of US citizens.

Interestingly, as of this writing, there has yet to be any comment on the RevolutionMuslim blog about Chesser's arrest. Maybe his little playmates are too busy pissing themselves in fear over they too will get to know the gentle embrace of a jail-house rapist to comment? Or maybe they are showing the world that they value Chesser about as much has he should be valued?

You can read about little Zachy Chesser's court appearance, as well as about some FBI concerns about like-minded jackasses, here.

While I wish nothing but the worst upon Zachary Chesser, I still feel a small amount of gratitude toward him.

Without Zachary Chesser, there ever would have been an "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Molly Norris gets all the blame (and death threats from the zoophiles and pederasts of al-Qaeda), but it is actually Chesser who should be credited with the creation of what will (inshallah, bismallah, bim-salla-bim) become an ANNUAL event.

Without Zach Chesser issuing an insipid death threat at Matt Stone and Trey Parker it never would have occurred to anyone to even joke about plastering the web with images of the Prophet Mohammed (may peat be upon him). So, in a show of gratitude, I am reposting the cartoon that I created for that day.

If anyone reading this knows Zacky personally, I hope you'll print it out and send it to him. Maybe it will comfort him to know that someone out here appreciates his efforts. I may hate everything he believes in and stands for, I may wish him nothing but suffering and horrible infections in his brutalized anus (INSHALLAH!)... but I can still say "thank you" to him for the greatness of "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day."


  1. Almost everything he said I heard before from Michael Moore and Sean Penn, just to name a few.

  2. Very true. And if they, like ole Zach here, have called for the blanket death of American citizens, then I have as much contempt for them as do for him. (I don't think Moore has ever gone quite that far... Penn, I wouldn't be surprised if he has. The man is an idiot.)

    BTW, if 57 cents of every tax dollar really goes to fund the military, and if America TRULY has some sort of world-wide empire the only objection I would have is that we haven't blanketed the world with Special Operations sniper teams to blow the brains out of anyone who pops up and cheerleads for Al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations.

    (Of course, we can't send out sniper teams, because there is no world-wide American empire outside of the diseased imaginations of freaks like Zack Chesser.)