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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today is Elke Sommer Day!

Today, we celebrate Elke Sommer, a German actress who was the very definition of Teutonic Beauty (and, to a lesser extent, big hair) during the 1960s and 1970s. This post has links to places you should visit in accordance with the spirit of the day (although it's mostly an excuse to post more pictures of Elke Sommer).

Elke Sommer Biographical Data:
At The Official Elke Sommer Website
At Internet Movie Database
At Cult Sirens
At Vintage Culture (with lots of pictures)

At Watching the Detectives
Elke Sommer at the Cinema Steve Blogs
Articles at Terror Titans
Articles at Watching the Detectives

To the left is a picture of Elke Sommer as she appears today--or, rather, as she appeared on my birthday of last year. Below, we have a picture of Sommer as she appeared in 1974, the year she made "Lisa and the Devil". It may be one of the few pictures of her that even the woman-hating Imam Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi might be able to gaze upon without having a fit. (Okay... maybe not.)


  1. Hello -- Just happened to see this item, Cinema Steve, and wanted to let you know about a couple of related items, if appropriate:

    1. There's an Elke Sommer fan group at Yahoo. Fairly new, very small, but sincere, and worth a visit:

    2. WomWam -- -- where we critically review, archive, and celebrate femme fatales including Ms. Sommer -- has been off the air for about two years, but is coming back. I think this might also be of interest to you, and I know you will be of interest to WomWam.

    As soon as I'm done posting this comment, I'll be going to both and posting a link back to your Elke Sommer pages.

    But I might add, I'm the editrix at, and we'd be happy to post some of your stuff, post things here, and so on, from time to time.

    "Women doing things to men"

  2. Good luck with your relaunch, and I'm always open to guest contributors. Just drop me a line!