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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never forget.

I had written a rant, but I've deleted it. The pictures here, as well as El-Marco's photo essay linked to in the post immediately beneath this one, say far more than my virtiol ever could.

I am glad that decent American Muslims recognize the awkwardness of the end of Ramadan falling on September 11, the day when the worst of the worst that follow their faith attacked all of us. Here in Washington, a number of Muslim leaders have called for subdued Eid festivals, or even for postponing them until later in the coming week.

It's a shame the front-men for the Muslim extremists who want a Victory Mosque built in lower Manhattan have no such respect for the feelings of other Americans. (And if it was anything BUT an intended Victory Mosque, they wouldn't call it "Cordoba House.")


  1. Did you see this video yet?

    And this is AFTER the koran burning was called off!

  2. Yep. Islam is the religion of choice for ignoramuses, sociopaths, borderline psychotics, and people with Tourette syndrome.