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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WENN: Kennedys Demanded Miniseries be Axed

Kennedys 'Demanded Miniseries Axe': "Family members are said to have been upset over Greg Kinnear's depiction of JFK as sex-crazed and the portrayal of Joe Kennedy as power-hungry."

The truth hurts, but when your clan helped establish America's ruling oligarchy, the media outlets snap to when you make demands to hide the truth. Otherwise, said media outlets might be the ones feeling pain. (And no one is more fearful of feeling pain than American media outlets these days. Just look at how quick they are to make excuses for terrorists their betters have decided need to be excused, and how quick they were to sign onto the patently false mantra that the mass-shooting in Texas this weekend was motivated by "hate speech" from the "right" [aka "anyone our Masters don't agree with politically"].

Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes star(red) in the ill-fated series.

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  1. I say good riddance. Who wants to see another film about the Kennedys anyway?